The Hotel Vedado 3 stars is located in the city center of La Habana, the Hotel has a gym, and a pool. Exist three principal offers:

* The Simple Room cost $495

* The Double Room cost $411

* The Triple Room cost $359


This prices includes:

* 16/9/2017 Transfer Airport Havana to Hotel Vedado, and attendance in the airport.

* 16/9/2017 to 23/9/2017 Lodging in Hotel Vedado during 7 nights. Breakfast included.

* 23/9/2017 Transfer Hotel Vedado to Airport.

  Forms of payment:

* The payment for concept of these services was carried out 72 hours before the beginning of those same or before the check in, in the selected hotel, if it is for bank transfer it will pay 10 days before the services.

* As another variant will be able to consent to our gangplank of payment online by means of credit card, applies for these cases a bank commission of 1.03 CUC.

* In Cuba payments are accepted cash in convertible Cuban weight. The change of the USD to CUC has an obligation of 15%. The change of other currencies of agreement to the rate of the day.

For reservations and tourist applications contact to:

Liuver Ramírez Laurencio
Andy Y. Vicente Aguilar
Department Specialized Tourism
Travel Agency Gaviota Tours S.A.
Phone: (537) 204 78 16
Fax: (53)(7) 204-4111

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